If you’re looking for the world’s largest social advertising database, bigspy AdSpy is the right tool for you. It is considered to be one of the best advertising intelligence tools.

Based on niche, keyword and target location, or country or region, you can easily find your competitors’advertisements on Facebook. It contains more than 10 million advertisements from 40 countries, and the list is growing.

With bigspy, you can easily track your marketing competitors’activities on Facebook. Therefore, you can aim at more business opportunities and provide a strong channel for your sales.


If you’re new to Facebook advertising, congratulations, you can use this tool for free, and you don’t have to pay anything. After all, Bigspy’s original intention is to be free, hoping to help more social marketers, you can choose the best plan for your marketing campaign on Facebook.

Of course, if you think there is a bad side to the use of bigspy adspy tool, you can also go to bigspy’s official website to contact our customer service, we will make this tool more and more powerful.

Special functions of Bigspy AdSpy

Bigspy AdSpy has a feature that allows you to search for advertisements related to your brand. By using search and screening options, you can categorize advertisements by country, mode of payment, keywords and other filters.


You can also check your competitors’advertising activities and track their activities. You can create your advertising ideas based on their advertising materials. If you can’t do material advertising, you can download their pictures directly to the local area.

In short, bigspy lets your target market be subdivided into each ad in your niche. In this way, you can also compare your performance with that of your competitors.


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