Apple’s autonomous car program is as secretive as ever.

Compare the seven-page safety report Apple submitted to the

Both talk about each companies’ safety practices and guiding principles when it comes to self-driving vehicles, but only one (guess which one) keeps it brief and vague. Other companies like Ford, GM’s Cruise, and Nuro also share additional details and include charts, vehicle pictures, and images of — wait for it — people.


Some companies even link out to

It’s a voluntary submission to the federal regulator, as the

But they appear to be pushing through and are at least going through the motions.

Back to the

Apple does explain its real road and simulation testing, operator system, and daily safety meetings. Additional, we now know there are two people in all of its cars during testing. Cell phone use is only allowed in parked cars. We also get more details on its training program. But that’s pretty much it.


In the introduction, Apple talks about “automated systems” in general and how they see autonomous vehicles helping humans. But it never goes as far to share any plans for a commercial car service.

The report says, “We are investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and we are excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation.”


Tight-lipped Apple isn’t sharing anything more than necessary.

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